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Fall is here, which means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  River Ridge Farms is again offering turkeys raised on pasture with 100% organic feed.  These turkeys, unlike the ones in the supermarket freezer, not only have spent most of their life outside, but also were never given antibiotics, growth stimulants, or kept in over-crowded conditions.  While they are given an organic feed ration, our birds are also able to forage in their enclosure, eating a diverse salad of greens along with some insects.  We move them about every three days, so that they are always getting fresh, new ground.

Bronze-Breasted Turkeys

Two different varieties of turkey are available: the bronze-breasted (shown in photo) and the whites.  The biggest difference between these two breeds is the relatively smaller size of the latter.  Both sets of birds are very active, in fact, the electro-net fencing seen in the photo really only serves as a deterrent to predators– almost every day at some point a large number of turkeys decide to fly outside the enclosure.

Customers who order their turkeys at least a month in advance of Thanksgiving will receive a 10% discount off the price of their bird.  Call the farm (423-334-5643) to reserve yours today!

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