Our Pork

At River Ridge Farms, our pigs are happy. Our pigs enjoy their freedom and eat certified organic whole grain feed free of plant or animal by-products, soy, hormones, or antibiotics. And happy, healthy pigs mean happy healthy meals for you and your family!

If you are looking for the basics: bacon and sausage, River Ridge Farms offers scrumptious seasoned bacon, hot or mild breakfast sausage, and traditional Italian sausage. We also have pork ribs and pork chops for the grill. We offer succulent roasts and fresh hams for your weekend family meal.

All of our pork products are free of MSG, Nitrates, and Nitrites. Our pigs receive a certified organic whole grain soy free feed.

Interested in purchasing River Ridge Farms pork for your family? Contact us at 423-506-3872.

Prices (current as of May 9, 2012):

Pastured Pork, USDA Inspected
Price per lb
Whole Hog (approx 175# hanging wt) $2.95
Boston Butt Roast $6.30
Pork Chops (1″, 2/package) $8.90
Pork Ribs $6.30
Link 41 Italian Links $9.45
Link 41 Bratwurst $9.45
Sausage*, Mild (1 # bulk package) $6.30
Sausage*, Hot (1 # bulk package) $6.30
GroundPork $5.50
Pork Cutlet $7.00
Ham Steak, Seasoned $8.40
Ham Roast $6.30
Link 41 Bacon cured/smoked $11.00
Bacon, Seasoned $9.45
Meaty Neck Bones $4.20
Pork Liver $2.10
Back Fat $2.10

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