Our Chicken

River Ridge Farms offers “Everyday Chicken” for your family. River Ridge Farms chicken is so good you will want to eat it everyday! We offer fresh, young chicken whole or cut up as well as split breasts, thighs, legs, a wings.

And don’t forget to ask about our stewing hens!

Our juicy and delicious chicken is raised in protected pens right on the green grass of our pastures. The birds are moved to fresh pasture daily to supplement their all-natural certified organic feed. Our certified organic feed is hormone, anti-biotic and soy free.

If you are interested in River Ridge Farms Everyday Chicken, please contact us at 423-506-3872.

Prices (current as of May 9, 2012):

Pastured Poultry, USDA Inspected
Price per lb
Whole, Broiler $6.00
Split Half, Broiler $6.80
Split Breast, bone-in $12.50
Chicken Thighs $6.50
Chicken Legs $5.75
Chicken Wings $4.25
Chicken Feet $2.65
Chicken Livers $4.75
Chicken Gizzards $4.50
Chicken Hearts $5.25
Stock Parts $2.75
Poisson/Cornish Game Hen $9.00

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